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How common is hair loss?

For 20% of men, male pattern baldness starts as early as puberty.

If you fall into this group you most likely will have hair loss by the age of 30 or even younger.

For a further 60% of men, the hair loss progression is slower, and starts later on in life.

Hair Loss Treatment, Prevention and Hair Loss Products

If you want to reverse or avoid hair loss, what can be done?

Well, there are a lot of treatments available from creams to Hair Transplants – many are quite costly, and all achieve mixed results.

The Dermal Roller is a revolutionary device that uses traditional oriental acupuncture techniques to enhance the skins’ natural healing abilities. It promotes increased blood flow to carry nutrients to the hair follicles as well as boosting the effectiveness of the serum containing vital nutrients involved in replenishing blood flow to the hair follicle.

Every person is an individual and we won’t make any promises we can’t keep. For this reason a full consultation is needed to ensure Dermal roller is the right treatment for you.

hair loss

Using a Dermal Roller your natural hair can be restored and slow down the natural process of receding hair lines. This is a new innovation in hair restoration. To achieve optimal results a course of treatments will be needed. As results between clients can vary,the amount of treatments required can vary between each person.



Case Study: One of our own customers!

Below shows how affective Dermal Roller is. All thanks to the client for allowing us to document his treatment!

hair loss treatment 1Week 1 - before treatment.

The client was asked to shave his hair between treatments to allow the serum to penetrate the scalp.

After 1st treatment.
Topical anaesthetic is applied BEFORE treatment to ensure a pain free procedure. 



Week 2

Hair growth can be observed.



Week 4 of treatment.

Significant hair growth is present. Another treatment will be done, then a monthly top up treatment for 3 months. The client has also observed the condition of his skin has also improved.

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