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Laser Hair Removal is a proven and effective technique to removing unwanted face and body hair. It is a great alternative to traditional methods, as once the hair is removed it will no longer grow back. It is suitable for all skin types and we can carry out a Free Patch Test (usually £15) for you to demonstrate the result that can be achieved. See our price list.

Laser Hair Removal for men and women

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The melanin that surrounds the follicles in your hair absorb the specific wavelengths of the laser light, which heats up the follicle. This results in the destruction on the follicle blood supply, causing the hair to fall out. This also means that further hair growth will be halted.

We use Elysion laser treatment which is the most advanced laser for hair removal. With high peak power and patented cooling it offers many advantages over other laser or systems and can offer permanent and painless removal of unwanted hair at the speed of light. For more information on Elysion treatment, call us on 0121 360 9128 today. 

Why Choose Feet and Beauty?

It is important that you feel safe and sure when choosing to have any beauty treatment, including laser hair removal. We pride ourselves in our customer service, always putting your safety first. Our highly qualified and experienced teams will ensure that you are safe and comfortable at all times. We always do a free patch test (usually £15) beforehand along with a free consultation, which will give you all of the relevant information and help you to get an idea of the results. You can also see our pricing information here. 

Read our frequently asked questions below for more information on Laser Hair Removal, or call us on 0121 360 9128 and we will answer all of your questions. 

Elysion lasers use an integrated patented ‘crystal freeze’ technology to keep the skin surface at a constant five degrees, thereby protecting the skin and ensuring a very comfortable treatment. Elysion also has a dynamic mode for truly painless treatment. Elysion Laser Treatment is not painful, which you will experience when having your Free Patch Test.
We can treat all areas on the face and body.
Not all laser or IPL systems offer permanent hair removal but elysion, due to its high power and effective cooling technology can remove hair permanently. The hairs treated with elysion will not grow back. However, any future hormonal changes may result in future new growth and require additional treatment in the future.
Yes! Elysion can effectively treat all skin types. Unlike some other lasers or IPLs, there is no restriction on skin type and we can even treat tanned skin.
Elysion is one of the fastest lasers for hair removal so our prices are very competitive. We offer a variety of treatments at different costs, allowing you to find the right procedure for you. Please refer to our price list for information and offers.
A Patch Test is when a laser is used on a small part of the skin to determine the best laser treatment to use, for the best results.

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