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If you have ever suffered from an Ingrown toe nail you will know how painful they can be.

How Can I treat Them?

There are many procedures that have been developed over the years to address chronic or recurrent ingrown toenails. These range from quite invasive procedures requiring stitches and considerable change to the visual appearance of the toe, to less invasive procedures with minimal post operative pain and less cosmetic effects to the toe. 

At Feet&BeautyMed our preferred procedure is a partial nail avulsion and Pheonisation done under local anaesthetic (Nail surgery). We also can provide a total nail avulsion if the need arises. This has been shown through research to be the most reliable form of procedure to reduce the risk of recurrence caused by a re-growth of the nail. It is generally very safe, with very minimal pain afterwards, and can be safely performed in an office based clinical setting.
This procedure involves removal of the outside edge of the nail, with the associated area of nail root (matrix), and treatment of the area where the nail root is located with a chemical (phenol) to destroy the cells which are responsible for nail growth. It is done under a local anaesthetic toe block, which means there is no discomfort during or immediately after the procedure, and you can return home directly afterwards. Cosmetically, the nail plate will look slightly narrower once fully healed, and this is usually barely noticeable.
After the procedure, you will be sent home with the toe bandaged and instructions on what to do (pain medications, elevation, rest, keep dry, etc). Typically, we  will review you within a couple of days and change the dressing, and then given you instructions on self management of the toe (ie changing dressings yourself) over the coming 1-2 weeks. Your podiatrist will then normally review the toe again at that point to make sure it is healing properly, and then follow up with you as necessary after then.


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